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If you visit this blog, perhaps you'd be interested in joining Radon Lake, a space where Boston filmmakers, video artists, and animators can announce news and screenings, share resources and ideas. You can browse the front and calendar sections anonymously, but in order to interact with others you have to create an account. It's very easy, and you will not receive any regular emails unless you so specify in your profile.
Announcements of the Loring-Greenough Film screenings, which are on summer break, will be moving to Radon Lake in September.


coming back in September

If you don't know already, we are taking a break for the summer. There are tons of awesome film events happening soon in JP, and if you want to know about them, friend us on Facebook or write to tvoinomer (at) gmail (dot) com. See you at the Loring-Greenough on September 21st!




Our ninth screening will also be the last at the Loring-Greenough House, with a possibility of starting back up in September. Watch this space and Facebook (ugh!) for updates on the series.

Doors open at 7, show starts around 7:30. See you there!

2009, 12 minutes, 16mm
In Groundplay, Robert Todd uses his 16mm camera as a microscope, nosing about in a world on a different scale. The sensitive instrument does not perceive objects, but dives into the empty spaces between them. The focus shifts to a new world filled with structures, grit and dust barely perceptible to the naked eye.
(from Rotterdam)

Kyle Glowacky -- IOKA
2010, 20 minutes, 16mm
IOKA is a portrait of Exeter, New Hampshire's historic 1915 movie house. It recently closed down in 2008 due to the strict state fire codes and the need for upgrades, economic recession and lack of patronage.

Ethan Feldbau -- PLASTIC
2008, 18 minutes, 16mm
The poetic fable of a neglected special education student, who spends his adolescence reshaping himself to be more like the bullies of his youth.

Mariya Nikiforova -- WARD'S POND
2009, 10 minutes, 16mm
In the spirit of Robert Smithson and James Benning, 'Ward's Pond' is a film-poem dedicated to a location in Jamaica Plain, MA. A glacial kettle hole that belonged to the Ward family farm in the 1600s, the pond and its surroundings were transformed into a park by Frederick Law Olmsted at the turn of the twentieth century. Today, overshadowed by a high-rise apartment building, Ward's Pond continues its quiet existence. The film captures several moments over the course of nearly a year in its life.

Stefan Grabowski -- JOHNNY KILRAPER and the ARBITER of SILENCE
2009, 20 minutes, shot on 16mm and projected on video
Existentially lost, alcoholic ex-detective, Johnny Kilraper, must overcome his own self-loathing in order to stop international crime lord Klaus 'the Grouse' Richter from receiving a mystical jewel known as 'the Arbiter of Silence.'



For our eighth screening the Loring-Greenough House presents a program of fantastic locally-made animation!! Come by around 7 pm for cookies and refreshments, and the screening will begin, as usual, sometime around 7:30.

All works will be shown on video with the exception of Dan Sousa's The Minotaur (16mm).

Here is our sweet line-up...

D A N I E L   R O W E, a MassArt grad and professor who can be found at daniel-rowe.blogspot.com.
2010, 4:15

S T E V E   S U B O T N I C K, a MassArt professor who has recently screened at the London Film Festival, the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Festival Sequence Court-Metrage (France), and many others. stevensubotnick.com
1998, 3:16
A stream-of-consciousness fable based on a folktale from Southern U.S.
Glass Crow
2004, 6:20
A meditation on the Defenstration of Prague -- the spark that ignited the Thirty Years' War.
Jelly Fishers
2009, 6:58
A family of mole-creatures is saved by the generosity of jellyfish.

M A T T H E W   N E W M A N - L O N G, aka Mount Emult, "a film/video maker/destroyer, musician/magician, father/afterfather, performance/performer/installer, comic/doodle/psychedelic collager." http://vimeo.com/mountemult
And What We Move Is Dead
13:43, 16mm/DV Collage
Paper, paint, fly, photocopier, blood, ink, art books can't really teach you, gore, owl fangs, acts in war can't be explained away by "context."
year of his birth, diaries and animation
11 min, DV Collage/collab animation/Birth

A L A N   J E N N I N G S, a MassArt grad who has screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.
Running in Darkness
2007, 2:15
paint on glass

A M Y   K R A V I T Z, a RISD professor who can be found at amykravitz.com
River Lethe
1985, 7 min
A non-narrative and abstract visual poem in five parts. Its title refers to the underworld river of forgetfulness. The drawings are created from non-traditional animation media including rubbed and erased graphite, pigment, and aluminum powders to make an animate surface of unusual richness.

R U T H   L I N G F O R D, a Harvard professor who "is known for making 'feelbad films' which use the seductive medium of animation to draw the audience in and take them to uncomfortable places."
Little Deaths
2010, 12 min
A work that uses documentary techniques to attempt to describe an orgasm.

D A N   S O U S A, a co-founder of Handcrankedfilm and RISD professor whose work can be seen at danielsousa.com
The Windmill
2007, 1:21
2009, 1:49
The Minotaur 
1999, 8 min, 16mm
A loose interpretation of the Minoan myth, as seen through the monster's point of view. Will be shown in 16mm!

...with the possibility of a couple surprise additions!



For our seventh (!!!) screening we are happy to present the films of Roslindale-based filmmaker Paul Turano and his former student at Emerson, Matt McWilliams. Join us for drinks and snacks around 7 pm; screening begins at 7:30. If you can, please support our venue with a $4 donation.


Paul Turano has independently produced numerous award-wining experimental films and videos over the last 15+ years. His work has been exhibited nationally and abroad at museums, micro-cinemas, alternative venues, colleges and universities and has been shown at festivals throughout North America including the Black Maria, Athens International, Hartford International, FLEX FEST Florida Experimental, and the New England Film and Video festivals. His recent digital video "I Covered My Eyes" screened this past summer at the Globians World and Culture Documentary Film Festival in Berlin, Germany and in Australia at the Sydney Underground Film Festival. Based in Boston, his films have been shown at the Harvard Film Archive, the Coolidge Corner Theater, the Embassy Theater, and the Museum of Fine Arts. He is the recipient of a Media Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and a Moving Image Fund Grant from the LEF Foundation and has been an Artist-in-Residence at Emerson College since the fall of 2007. www.paulturano.com

Matt McWilliams is a graduate of Emerson College who is currently making and screening films here in Jamaica Plain and around New England.


M A T T    M c W I L L I A M S

Sons and Cattle, 16mm, color, sound, 12 min, 2009
Sketches for Sons and Cattle, super8, color, silent, 5 min
Untitled (co-created with Eileen Richardson), 16mm, b&w, silent, 3 min
Counter, 16mm, b&w, silent, 3 min
Harboring, 16mm, b&w, silent, 3 min
Making Space, 16mm, color, 3 min

P A U L    T U R A N O

Porch Film: 76 Day St. Apt. #2, 16mm, color, sound, 18 min, 2004
Edited in 2003 from footage shot in the summer and fall 2001, Porch Film: 76 Day St. Apt #2 is part of a series of autobiographical films that examine the role of mediated experience and the influence and integration of the public and private spheres in the construction of an individual’s identity and memory. This domestic portrait of a summer and early fall on a back porch is emotionally tempered by a medley of music creating a kind of narrative arc over the transitions of a romantic relationship and the passing seasons.

Windows onto Montebello Road, 16mm, color, sound, 21 min, 2009
Edited from footage shot in 1998, Windows onto Montebello Rd. uses a poetic approach towards personal domestic space, searching for calm and serene moments of contemplation. The sounds of the public sphere, represented by contemporaneous radio news broadcasts, provide an auditory counterpoint.