For our eighth screening the Loring-Greenough House presents a program of fantastic locally-made animation!! Come by around 7 pm for cookies and refreshments, and the screening will begin, as usual, sometime around 7:30.

All works will be shown on video with the exception of Dan Sousa's The Minotaur (16mm).

Here is our sweet line-up...

D A N I E L   R O W E, a MassArt grad and professor who can be found at daniel-rowe.blogspot.com.
2010, 4:15

S T E V E   S U B O T N I C K, a MassArt professor who has recently screened at the London Film Festival, the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Festival Sequence Court-Metrage (France), and many others. stevensubotnick.com
1998, 3:16
A stream-of-consciousness fable based on a folktale from Southern U.S.
Glass Crow
2004, 6:20
A meditation on the Defenstration of Prague -- the spark that ignited the Thirty Years' War.
Jelly Fishers
2009, 6:58
A family of mole-creatures is saved by the generosity of jellyfish.

M A T T H E W   N E W M A N - L O N G, aka Mount Emult, "a film/video maker/destroyer, musician/magician, father/afterfather, performance/performer/installer, comic/doodle/psychedelic collager." http://vimeo.com/mountemult
And What We Move Is Dead
13:43, 16mm/DV Collage
Paper, paint, fly, photocopier, blood, ink, art books can't really teach you, gore, owl fangs, acts in war can't be explained away by "context."
year of his birth, diaries and animation
11 min, DV Collage/collab animation/Birth

A L A N   J E N N I N G S, a MassArt grad who has screened at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.
Running in Darkness
2007, 2:15
paint on glass

A M Y   K R A V I T Z, a RISD professor who can be found at amykravitz.com
River Lethe
1985, 7 min
A non-narrative and abstract visual poem in five parts. Its title refers to the underworld river of forgetfulness. The drawings are created from non-traditional animation media including rubbed and erased graphite, pigment, and aluminum powders to make an animate surface of unusual richness.

R U T H   L I N G F O R D, a Harvard professor who "is known for making 'feelbad films' which use the seductive medium of animation to draw the audience in and take them to uncomfortable places."
Little Deaths
2010, 12 min
A work that uses documentary techniques to attempt to describe an orgasm.

D A N   S O U S A, a co-founder of Handcrankedfilm and RISD professor whose work can be seen at danielsousa.com
The Windmill
2007, 1:21
2009, 1:49
The Minotaur 
1999, 8 min, 16mm
A loose interpretation of the Minoan myth, as seen through the monster's point of view. Will be shown in 16mm!

...with the possibility of a couple surprise additions!

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